The Scottish International Airshow


The Scottish International Airshow is an event held every September in Ayr, on the west coast of Scotland. The event attracts over 100,000 spectators each year. MM66 was contracted to create the website and online ticket store for the 2017 show.

While MM66 was not contracted to build the 2017 website (one of the event sponsors took the project on), due to a hosting failure on the eve of the event, we stepped in with an emergency site that was used by tens of thousands of visitors over the event weekend.

MM66 also handled the prodcution of souvenir programmes for both the 2016 and 2017 shows, as well as all newspaper and magazine ads, and outdoor banners and popups.


  • Logo refresh
  • Website design
    • Online ticketing store
    • Schedule
    • Maps
  • 64-page commemorative souvenir programme
    • Event guide
    • Display attractions
    • Maps
  • All outdoor ad designs
  • All newspaper and magazine ad designs
  • Multimedia slideshows for TV presentation


We started by noting that the colors of the logo (at that time green and blue) led to a weakness in contrast on all materials. Replacing the green with red gave more energy to the design, and was more in line with what would be expected from an ‘airshow’ logo.

The 2015 programme suffered several problems. The cover, based on the blue-green logo, was washed out. We replaced this with a striking image of two Red Arrows jets flying close to each other. We used this image in all of the outdoor displays and advertising, giving a distinct brand identity.  The 2015 programme’s interior pages used small, indistinct images, which required a large amount of text to be used as filler. To make the pages more dynamic and colourful we sourced high-resolution images from the UK’s finest aviation photographers and used them in full- and double-page spreads. This meant that the amount of text could be reduced, simplifying the production process.

The 2015 website had multiple issues, but the most pressing was that there was no dynamism. We used a pilot’s-eye video taken from inside the cockpit of a Red Arrows jet as an underlay for the main image. This brought excitement and energy to the page.